Masjids Project

The Importance of Mosques

Building a mosque is not just about creating a place of worship; it’s about fostering a strong, thriving community. The Aljaariyah Welfare Foundation believes in the significance of constructing mosques, and our experience in Garseni, Kenya, illustrates the impact. In Garseni, there was no mosque within 5 km until we built one. Here’s why having a mosque is essential:

  1. Spiritual Center:
    Mosques are the heart of any Islamic community. They provide a sacred space for worship, fostering a strong connection with Allah (SWT) and encouraging regular prayer, which is fundamental in the life of a Muslim.
  2. Community Hub:
    Beyond worship, mosques serve as community hubs. They are places where people come together, strengthen social bonds, and provide a sense of belonging. It’s a platform for various community activities and events, making the neighborhood more cohesive.
  3. Educational Center:
    Mosques are not just for prayer; they are also centers of learning. They house Madrasahs (Islamic schools) where children and adults can acquire religious education, ensuring the transmission of Islamic knowledge and values to future generations.
  4. Charity and Outreach:
    Mosques play a vital role in charitable activities. They collect and distribute funds to aid those in need, including the destitute, widows, and orphans. Your donations can help extend this noble work.

Optimizing Construction:

While recognizing the importance of building mosques, the Foundation also acknowledges the need to allocate resources wisely. After careful consideration, it was realized that constructing traditional brick mosques in villages with predominantly mud and thatch dwellings was not cost-effective. Therefore, the Foundation decided to adopt a more practical approach by using metal aluminum sheets for mosque construction. These sturdy structures can accommodate over 100 worshipers and are more suitable for the local environment. This shift allows the Foundation to redirect the remaining funds towards addressing critical needs, such as improving living conditions and supporting the villagers’ overall welfare.


Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

Call to Action:

We appeal to donors to contribute generously towards building mosques. Your support will not only create a place of worship but also uplift the community in countless ways.